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Nursery room 2-3 have been busy learning how to make shapes with play doe draw pictures with chalk  make music also a sensory room with books how to do and un do locks. They have also made a tipi like the big one int he playground for the chidlren to play in. They love it.


Have been learning about Peru and Scotland also looking at maps. They have playing with toy’s to do with Paddington. They have been looking at shapes and patterns. And the last thing of all is that they learned how to add numbers together and get the answer.



Have been learning about colour patterns, adding to 10 using pictures, mixing colour, sounds and Paddington.




P2b have been looking at the v+a it is a design  museum we are going to design a hat we will look at the design process materials to use for our hat we are very excited


2G have been learning to use full stops and capital letters. They have also been learning about materials like wood, metal and fabrics.






This week in p3s have been busy doing there vcop, rounding up to 10 and 100 , and learning about the v&a dundee and London , they were measuring in cm and meters and emotion in drama.


Planning and preparing for the bake sale we are organising int he Charities group.


We have been doing the litter pick every week. We are currently making posters for inside the school and the playground to encourage pupils to pick up litter.



have been busy learning what multiplication and been  learning their 3,4,6,7,8 and 9 times tables.And in P.E they were doing Scottish country dancing with a twist!!            





Have been learning about designing, division, V&A, biographies and autobiography’s, music, x tables, Roald Dahl and speech marks.     




Mrs Hampson has been teaching us all about biographies and creating our own biographies. We have also completed out National Assessments on the computer. We had the peer educators in this week helping us with things that could affect us in our move to high school.


We have been busy in class since we came back from the holidays. In maths we have been learning about time and money. We have been learning to write letters in literacy lessons. In French we have been learning the days of the week and the months of the year. In IDL we have been learning about the V&A at the waterfront; the history of building, the architect etc. In PE we have been learning gymnastics with Mr J.